Hey ya’ll,

We are one week away from our the NPR “Tiny Desk Concert” event at The Wolf.

It will be Thursday night, April 11th.

Sign up starting at 6:00, music at 7:00, just like open mic.

I’m getting some questions, so here are the details:


· You must be 18 or older

· Has to be an original song (no covers!)

· You cannot currently be signed to a recording contract

· There has to be a ‘desk’ of some sort involved

(Note, if you are under 18, maybe find a person who is older and have them play with you? You can submit the entry under that person’s name.)

We will take care of everything, you just come up and play your song.

I will have my Bose Tower sound system in place and run sound.

Pastor Chuck will bring up his cameras and wild mics and record each performance. He will edit it into a clean cut and upload it to Youtube and we will send you the link. You can use this link to submit the song to NPR.

It can be solo or duo, or trio if not too complicated. (Just like open mic.)

I will have a desk of some sort (still to be determined) on the stage. If you want to dress the ‘desk’ with personal props feel free to bring them up. The desk will be small so don’t bring anything big.

Folks in the room will be free to react and respond to the performance but remember, we do want to have a clean recording of the performance, so let’s not let it get out of hand.

You can introduce the song, state your name if you want, give a QUICK background on the song – that’s all up to you. Just remember to be brief.

I will give you at least one do-over in case you mess up, but it will have to be pretty bad flub for that. I am getting a strong response to this and am anticipating a big turnout so, be ready, be in tune, get up there and play and make room for the next player.

Bottom line:

I think this is going to be a BLAST. So just come up, relax, get some dinner and a drink (or two), play your heart out and let’s have some fun!!



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