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Farms & Partners

Our menu is prepared 90% in-house with great care using wholesome foods and the finest fresh, local and real ingredients.

Sourcing Guidelines

Our vendor guidelines are the framework of our ingredient selection. Our vendors’ products must meet our sourcing requirements, detailed below. While the food industry catches up to our standards, we’re always on the hunt for new producers, ranchers and growers.


All animals are treated humanely and fed all-vegetarian diets.
We will not source animals given antibiotics or hormones whenever possible.
We will avoid producers who use corn/grain finishing whenever possible.

  • Grass-fed Beef:  Attadale Farm
    LaPlata, MO
  • Nitrate-Free Bacon, Pork, Ham
  • Chicken: Ben Roberts’ Heritage Poultry & Eggs. Syracuse MO
  • Bob’s Seafood St. Louis, MO

Bread + Baked Goods


Eggs are from cage-free hens raised on local farms with organic certifications whenever possible. All cheese and milk products are free of rBGH or other artificial growth hormones whenever possible. All dairy animals are raised without the use of unnecessary antibiotics.


Our produce is organically grown whenever possible and grown locally whenever possible. Exceptions to buying organic will be made only if a locally produced product is grown and harvested using sustainable processes. We strive to buy produce free of pesticides and grown locally whenever possible.


Whenever possible we use energy efficient lighting, low VOC paint, reclaimed + recycled materials, FSC certified materials, no trash cans. We use 100% compostable and reusable products.


All coffee and tea is fair or direct trade, organically grown and shade grown whenever possible.

Soft Drinks

We only carry soft drinks that are produced locally – and never source beverages made with high- fructose corn syrup.

About our Beer & Wine

Paper Products

All paper products are compostable or recyclable.
All paper products are made from as close to 100% post-consumer waste whenever possible.
All paper products are free of chemical treatments, bleaches and dyes whenever possible.
All printed material is printed on FSC certified paper stock whenever possible.